Innkeepers Insurance 


Innkeeper insurance covers the costs of damage caused by your guests. It pays the bills if you suffer a fire or other disaster and it helps offset the loss of income if a guest gets injured or sick.


If you’re thinking about starting a hotel business or selling an existing inn, then Innkeeper insurance could be the perfect solution for you. The insurance industry is full of companies that want to insure your vacation home or rental property, but aren't necessarily equipped to give you the best deal on coverage. Every innkeeper needs some insurance, but no matter who you are or what your business is, the details don’t matter as much as understanding what those policies actually protect. When it comes to insuring the hospitality industry, there are several key areas that need to be covered.


Whether you’re running a hotel or hostel, or are looking to open your own inn, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to insuring against loss. A good Innkeeper’s Insurance policy is key for the protection of all your guests. Whether it’s on the road or in the home, innkeepers face unique risks. This is why it’s important to review the terms of your innkeepers insurance policy regularly and keep an eye on the changes in the marketplace. An innkeepers insurance policy can provide coverage for liability and property damage. But it’s important to know the nuances of these policies so that you can get the best coverage at the best price.


You’re thinking about insuring your inn, innkeeper or bed and breakfast. Well, now is the time to do it! There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a big insurance bill that you can’t pay. But don’t worry—you’ve got insurance! Your innkeepers insurance policy is your key to protecting yourself against the unexpected—including theft, loss, fire, lightning, mold and water damage, and more. It protects for the both  of you and your guests. And, if you need help, we’re here to help you understand your policy, so you can protect your inn and make sure your guests are safe. As innkeepers, you have to make sure you and your guests are covered. But creating the perfect policy is no easy task. We're here to break down the key questions you need to ask yourself about your insurance plan, so you can make sure your inn is well protected.



Your insurance policy is an investment that will keep your property running smoothly and will protect you in the event of an accident. This guide will help you design an effective policy for your home, condo, or rental property. An innkeeper insurance policy is not only a necessity for many innkeepers—it’s an absolute requirement if you want to stay competitive. The innkeeper insurance market is a $3 billion dollar a year industry, yet it’s a highly fragmented one. It’s not uncommon to find innkeepers who don’t have an insurance policy in place, and even worse, innkeepers who don’t know that they even need to get an insurance policy in place! So how does one go about creating the perfect innkeepers insurance policy?.



The final thing to think about when setting up your innkeeper’s insurance policy is what coverages you want. An innkeeper’s policy usually covers: business property, liability insurance for guests and visitors, and professional liability. You want to make sure that if someone gets hurt at your inn, you can cover the cost. You might also want to consider having a building coverage policy to ensure that your building is protected against theft, fire, and vandalism.